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December 6th - 7th, 2023

2023 PRECEDE Annual Meeting & AI Summit



September 27, 2023

“At the 2023 AACR Pancreatic Cancer meeting in Boston!”



Clockwise: D. Simeone, D. Kalfakakou, A. Ackermann, L. Liu, A. Orlacchio, and D. Kalfakakou

Poster Presentations:

 Clonal Heterogeneity in Human Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma and Its Contribution to Therapeutic Resistance

by Despina Kalfakakou

Dual epigenetic therapy combined with anti-PD1 rescues HMA-induced suppressive myeloid phenotype and reduces tumor growth in a PDAC model by Arturo Orlacchio

An Organoids-on-a-chip model to recapitulate and dissect the tumor microenvironment by Lunan Liu

December 12, 2022

The ASCO Post: How the Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Consortium Aims to Advance Survival Rates in This Deadly Disease

Read more from 


December 7th - 8th, 2022

2022 PRECEDE Annual Meeting and Biomarker Summit 



September 14, 2022

“Great meeting at the 2022 AACR Pancreatic Cancer meeting in Boston!”



From left to right: A. Orlacchio, E. Kawaler, A. Ackermann, G. Oh, S. Dhara, D. Simeone and G. Tamas

Oral Presentations:
Primary results of PanCAN-SR1, a phase 1b study evaluating Gemcitabine, nab-Paclitaxel, Canakinumab, and Spartalizumabto target IL-1β and PD-1 in metastatic pancreatic cancer with correlative tissue and blood biomarker analysis by Paul Oberstein, MD
Single-cell sequencing elucidates the effects of chemotherapy on cancer cell heterogeneity and the tumor microenvironment of human pancreatic adenocarcinoma by Emily Kawaler, PhD and Daniel Weissinger, MD 
Poster Presentations:
Polymerase theta inhibition activates the cGAS-STING signaling pathway and elicits an immune response in homologous recombination-deficient pancreatic adenocarcinoma by Grace Oh, MD

July 22, 2022

What an amazing honor @pancreasfest! So proud of our highly collaborative community in supporting the important work we are doing for pancreatic cancer! #PancreaticCancer



February 4, 2022

The future looks brighter for pancreatic cancer patients and families as we celebrate World Cancer Day! #PRECEDE


DS Research Lab PRECEDE Group Pic.jpg

November 18, 2021

On World Pancreatic Cancer Day, we’d like to acknowledge and thank all those who are dedicated to pancreatic cancer early detection, treatment and research.


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